Todo list & time tracker

Add todo items, estimate the time per todo and keep track of the time actually made.

TamaTask is a Todo-list & time tracker tool with which you can create todo items per project and keep track of how many minutes or hours it took to finish them.
This way you immediately know for each project how many hours you have spent on the project and which tasks have taken the longest.

Tama pets

By performing your tasks you not only help yourself, but you also feed your own Tama pet. Do you keep putting off your tasks? Then your Tama pet might get a bit angry.

Are you not performing any tasks for a long time? Then your Tama pet could even die.

In development

Currently TamaTask is still in active development. We’ll update this page as soon as we’re live.

This page was last updated on oct, 9th 2021 01:08

Screenshot TamaTask